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Kenyan woman in Diaspora speaks out on ‘misconceptions from home about Diaspora living’

A Kenyan woman in Diaspora is pleading with friends and relatives back at home to go easy especially when demanding and expecting too much from those living abroad.

In a video posted online, the woman whose name and country of residence we are yet  to establish expresses her love of Kenyans and speaks out on how people back at home view those living in Diaspora.

The woman says they should stop relying much on them.

“There is a mentality that is common back at home that those living abroad have a lot of money. No. We also struggle the same way you struggle there at home,” she says.

The woman goes on to reveal the challenges they undergo which makes life so expensive draining them little they earn.

She reveals how they are spending much on child care and daily expenses.

“Back at home, you can take your child to a neighbour, but for us here although education is free we are spending much on childcare.”

“When we lose a job, we have to struggle the same way you struggle back there. Remember, we have responsibilities also to attend, It is just because some of us don’t speak out,” she reveals.

She told off those who who are making them enemies and becoming rude to understand their situation abroad and try to go slow on matters.

Watch video.


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