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Kenyan student visas in U.K. to be extended

Kenyan students’ visas prolonged to incorporate internships in U.K(


Plans are underway to extend Kenyan students visas in the U.K. after they complete their studies, High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey has said.

Speaking during a meeting with the Deputy President William Ruto at his Karen home in Nairobi, Hailey said that the new move will give them more time to gather industry experience.

“It is through attachments and internships that best practices and innovations are hatched. As such, the student visa extension would be an important consideration to fill into our new immigration laws,” he said.

In a statement to the media houses on Thursday, Mr. Hailey also noted that during his four-year tenure that expires at the end of July this year, the relationship between Kenya and the U.K. grew exponentially, particularly in investment and commerce.

“The past four years have seen many British companies expanding their presence in Kenya, generating thousands of jobs,” he said.

He assured that more opportunities would be created through the renewed focus on Kenya’s agriculture through innovations and value addition by British firms.

“The past four years have seen many British companies expanding their presence in Kenya, generating thousands of jobs,” he said.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto hailed the British envoy for his exemplary work saying that the country will endeavour to sustain its engagement with the U.K.

“We will always be looking for opportunities to partner with the United Kingdom so as to better our development trajectory,” he said. “Human resources in Kenya is a big component of our assets which shapes its transformation,” he added.

Dr. Ruto in his speech also appreciated Hailey for his support to stabilise the continent by advocating for peace.

“You have demonstrated your commitment to making Eastern and the Horn of Africa secure. However, we still face the terrorism challenge, which calls for a more coordinated and ruthless approach from global partners to wipe it out,” Ruto added.

Earlier, Dr. Ruto held a meeting with the High Commissioner for India to Kenya Rahul Chhabra, who also pledged India’s support to the realization of Jubilee’s Big Four agenda.

“Over the years, trade and investment between Kenya and India have expanded. We will be tightening these relations further by supporting Kenya in the mechanisation of agriculture,” Mr. Chhabra said.

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