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Kenyan Man found dead in apartment Brookline,Massachusetts

Conrad Mwoshi Natse

A Kenya man was reportedly found dead on Thursday in his apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Conrad Mwoshi Natse 36, was found lying flat prostrate on his bed after a courtesy welfare check at his home.

A woman purported to be his fiancé stated that on Thursday April 4th 2019 Conrad Natse was expected to be seating for his CNA Exam at the Medical Career Center in Waltham on Moody Street but didn’t show up, which is when she decided to drive there to find out what was happening to him. Only to he is already dead.

She described him as a jovial happy man who had just relocated from Waltham,Massachusetts to Brookline,Massachusetts in the last month and a half ago.

He has been in the the United States for almost 2 years and was pursuing a career in the medical/human services field.

His body is still being held at the Boston Medical for further Examination and the report of the Medical examiner will be expected soon.

He is a son to Hesbon Natse and Jane Ijaya Makani Kakamega Kenya.

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