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Kenyan farmers to enjoy high production on introduction of Danshot bull

Kenyan farmers on dairy production are set to enjoy high milk production after an Eldoret based company introduced a high yielding bull breed.

Bles Dairies Company introduced Danshot bull breed that is said to produce semen that can sire a heifer which yields up to 57 litres of milk at second lactation period.

According to Bles Sales Manager Titus Maiyo the bull was introduced to the country two years ago and has a 95 percent conception rate as its heifers have a fast growth rate being ready for service at 15 to 16 months compared to other breeds which take up to two years.  The breed is an import from Netherlands and has so far been used to sire 46 calves in Uasin Gishu County.

Bles Dairies say heifer sired from Danshot bull breed produces between 32 to 40 litres per day on its first lactation period, up to 50 litres on second lactation and 50 to 57 litres at its peak.

Bles Dairies is one of the player in the international dairy sector with over 25 years experience in dairy development.

Kenya’s growing population and demographic development lead to a high demand for milk and dairy products. Its dairy sector has a large potential but at the moment its insufficient capacity causes a huge gap between supply and demand.

The dairy industry in Kenya contributes approximately 4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and provides 750, 000 and 500, 000 direct and indirect Jobs respectively.

Further reports from Kenya Dairy Board say farmers across the country need to improve their farming methods to achieve maximum milk production unit. Kenya is more advanced in the dairy sector than her neighbours Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The development of dairy sector will fight malnutrition as well as increase income of small holder farmers.

Mr. Titus Maiyo points out that a mature Danshot costs Ksh. 330, 000 transport inclusive when imported from Netherlands and farmers can obtain its semen at Ksh. 5, 500 which is available to farmers from the company.

However,  the main challenge facing the sector in the country remains to be tropical diseases such as foot and mouth diseases, east coast fever and lumpy skin.

Local presence of Bles Dairies in East Africa creates for farmers to among others high quality livestock and enables them to raise their productivity level. This will boost dairy business in East Africa.


Danshot bull breed. Photo/Courtesy 

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