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Kenyan Diaspora raise alarm over lengthy, costly process in acquiring e-passport

By Gad Oteba

Kenyans in Diaspora have raised an alarm over stringent requirements set out to applicant of the new e-passport and the lengthy processes involved on acquiring the document.

Kenyans in Canada who spoke to Mkarimu Media said the process is scary citing poor services and high costs incurred in the process.

In other places like Canada, the process is yet to get started.

According to Kenya Community in Ottawa the process is very slow and costly. They wary why the process has not started in Canada hence forcing those who want quick service to travel to Washington DC in USA to process the document.

“There is no starting point of this exercise. We are facing dilemma and we want to call for a mass action,” one member said.

Those who prefer to travel to USA to acquire the document expressed their anger and disappointments over poor services at immigration offices.

“Services are very slow. People prefer to wait until they go back to Kenya and renew their documents there.”

Mkarimu Media could not reach the High Commission in Ottawa, Canada for comment.

The process is estimated to cost $550 Canadian dollars approximately Ksh.30,000 per a family with a minimum of two people.

Notary public fee will cost $50 per document, a certified passport/Kenyan ID and Kenyan birth certificate at $150 per person plus shipping fee which is approximately $80 per application.

Since the government rolled out the issuance of the new generation passports, it has been marked by complaints.

Kenyans have blamed the long queues at Immigration offices and the lengthy of the process.

Early last month, President Kenyatta directed embassies and high commissions to fasten the process of issuing new passports to Kenyans in Diaspora.