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K.O.T react after Safaricom hack

Safaricom’s systems were this morning (28.06.19) tampered with and Kenyans got a leeway to purchase data bundles for free.

The biggest telecom firm in Kenya experienced a major glitch in their systems that allowed subscribers to acquire data bundles via *544# without any airtime and without any Bonga points. Several users confirmed purchasing up to 64GB worth of data

The news that ‘Safaricom Platinum’ an integrated plan that gives customers a personalized bill manager was undergoing some technical problems, spread like wildfire on Social media apps like Twitter and Whatsapp with everyone rushed to grab a piece of this extremely rare cake from a company that has often been accused of ripping Kenyans off.

Kenyans on Twitter via the hashtag #Safaricom reacted by sharing hilarious memes and messages on what they are doing with the free data bundles, others sarcastically thanked Safaricom for the free bundles which came just in time to celebrate Kenya’s AFCON win against Tanzania. Other subscribers reproached the firm for being hacked while computer gurus asked for jobs to secure their systems from future hacks.

Shortly after, screenshots started doing rounds on social media indicating they have already started informing those who “illegally” purchased data and minutes to visit their nearest Safaricom outlets to rectify the mistake.

Now in the latest attempt to ‘salvage’ the situation, Safaricom has branded the retrieval messages as fake in a bid to make it seem like the ‘glitch’ was intentional and that they have awarded some of their subscribers with free bundles.

Safaricom is however yet to send out an official press statement regarding the issue.

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