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‘It’s not worth,’ Coach Bruce, Njeru warns athletes about doping

Athletic Kenya Embu branch chairman Matthew Njeru (middle), Embu coach Bruce Lati (right) and his counterpart pose for a photo during the Embu cross country on February 9, 2019 at Rung’ang’a primary school, Embu county/MKARIMU MEDIA


A renowned Embu Coach Bruce Lati and Athletics Kenya Embu branch Chairman Matthew Njeru have warned athletes against using doping predicaments if they are to go far.

Speaking to Mkarimu Radio, Bruce has warned athletes on the dangers of doping on health issues.

“Apart from being unethical, performance enhancing substances can affect your health and you will never enjoy the fruits of your talent,” he said.

He encouraged athletes to always strive to win clean at any given sport and advised them to be attending anti-doping forums as they are vital to their careers.

The coach expressed confidence in his Embu team with the 12km record holder Morris Munene expected to shine at the Saturday’s cross country set for Eldoret.

Athletic Kenya Embu branch chairman Matthew Njeru said it is worth testing every athlete before entering in any competition.

He said the Friday’s meeting will major on educating athletes and pointed that Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (Adak) will lead the day.

“The doping issue will be discussed widely and every athlete will be tested before the marathon begins,” Njeru said, “We want to warn those who still think they can use drugs to enhance their performance that we are past such times.”

“I thank the efforts of Athletic Kenya and the country at large for making this [doping] a serious issue,” he added.

Last week AK President Jack Tuwei said they intend to explore on Thursday and Friday meetings how the agents and managers handle athletes when they are not competing in national events.

“The meeting, which is organized every two years, will help us know and understand the agents and managers who are handling our athletes, and if they have any questions regarding our federation,” said Tuwei.

Athletics Kenya (AK) will hold a meeting with athletes’ representatives on Thursday and Friday before the Saturday’s competition.

The meeting is set to feature athletes’ contracts, anti-doping matters and AK’s calendar of events for 2019 among other issues.

This will be followed by athletes’ education day in conjunction with Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (Adak) on Friday.

More than 400 athletes, who will compete at the National Cross Country Championships to be held at the Eldoret Sports Club on Saturday and at least 48 magers are expected to attend.

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