Jane karago Odongo’s Book “In the foreign land” everything appears strange. Emotions are fear, confusion, sense of loss, a sense of longing. You are alone. You are lost. Nothing is like what you had expected or envisioned. No! It cannot be! You are full of hope; you have faith that you made the right decision to leave your country.
Jane Wangari Karago Odongo was born in Kenya. She immigrated to Canada in November 2000. She has worked for more than ten years supporting new immigrants settle and integrate in Canada. She has vast experience in community development, advocacy and for immigrants. She has successfully fundraised for community projects which support the integration of newcomers to Canada through addressing the social determinants of health.

Jane is best known as “the-community-go-to-person” for people looking for information and access to all kinds of resources whether in Canada or in countries of origin for immigrants. People have said that Jane is “in her element” when speaking to people in the community about realizing amazing success in their new country.

She holds a Master’s degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Independent Studies and Women Studies. She has three daughters who are pursuing university education.

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