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Indian woman delivers baby with two heads and three arms 

A 21-year-old woman has delivered a baby with two heads and three arms in India.

Babita Ahirwar and her husband Jaswant Singh Ahirwar said they were shocked when she delivered the infant on November 23.

They appear to have had a form of conjoined twins in which the babies share the same internal organs, including a heart, but have separate heads.

Mr Ahirwar said: ‘We are shocked. It is unbelievable. Everyone is shocked to see them. We cannot believe our child has two heads.’

Doctors at the hospital had never experienced a birth like it in their career and are in talks with other medics in India about what to do next.

Medically, twins born like this are described as tribrachius parapagus – the rare phenomenon doesn’t leave much hope for the survival of the babies.

Babita Ahirwar and her husband Jaswant Singh Ahirwar were expecting their first child

The twins are now under round-the-clock observation at hospital but whether they will be fit for any kind of surgery is not known.

Mr and Mrs Ahirwar, from Basauda village in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India, were initially devastated.

Source: Daily Mail

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