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In 1994, 100s took shelter in this Rwanda mosque. Only 8 survived

April 5, 2019

On 25th anniversary of Rwandan genocide, residents in Mabare village share stories of survival, heroism and tragedy. by  Hamza Mohamed During the genocide, bodies floated in the clear waters of Lake Mugesera [Hamza Mohamed/Al Jazeera] Mabare, Rwanda – It was the first week of April 1994 and a month after the start of the long rainy […]

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Britain’s man gives birth to a girl

April 1, 2019

A mab in Britain has given birth to a girl child for what is described as the first case for a man to get pregnant. His name remain undisclosed but hospital sources announced he was  walked to the hospital complaining of stomach pain. CT scan was performed. More to come soon… Source Mkarimu Media.

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