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Hiked fuel prices to remain standstill as president rejects bill

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday evening rejected the Finance Bill 2018 on 16 percent levy on petroleum products.

The rejection of the Bill means Kenyans will continue experiencing a historical hike in fuel prices despite a public out roar for the last two weeks.

The Bill was finalised two weeks ago and the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi presented it to the president on Thursday morning and there after the president rejected the bill on Thursday evening.

The opposition revealed a scheme by the House leadership to help president buy time hence rejecting to sign the Bill.

“It is dishonest, unfair for Parliament to sit on the Bill,” the National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi said on Thursday and described Mr Muturi’s action as “unfortunate and dishonest”.
The law requires the president to assent to the Bill within fourteen days or refer the Bill back to Parliament for reconsideration by Parliament, noting any reservations that the President has concerning the Bill.
It is now clear the Bill will go back to Parliament for further amendments in light of the President’s reservations.

The National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has called a special sitting on Tuesday, 18th September and on Thursday, September 20.

“Pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order 29(3) of the Standing Orders of the Members of the National Assembly, it is notified that special sittings of the Assembly shall be held in the National Assembly Chamber in the Main Parliament Buildings, on Tuesday, September 18 and on Thursday, September 20,” states a Gazette Notice dated September 13.

The amended Bill seeks to defer the implementation of the controversial 16 percent Value Added Tax on petroleum products for two years.

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