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Hamilton BBQ fun day at Dundas Driving Park :PHOTOS

Tug of war for kids.Photo/Mkarimu Media.

By Mkarimu Media

Fun day. Photo/Mkarimu Media

The annual Hamilton Kenyan BBQ was held Saturday 10th August 2019 from 10am to 8pm at Dundas Driving Park to bring together community members mostly Kenyans in Canada.

The event attended by more than 200 Kenyans living in Canada was featured by different family activities and games that were on offer.

Volunteers worked together to coordinate the event from games to serving food and refreshments.

Lot’s of nyama choma for chicken and ng’ombe(cow), Biriani rice, ugali, sukumawiki, kachumbari and a lot more by chef John Mulwa Ndambuki were available.

Display of nyama choma.Photo/Mkarimu Media

Kids played soccer, basketball and tug of war for kids.

Adult men’s tug of war was the showstopper. Men competition was tough going up to round three to determine the winning team.

Tug ofwar for men competition. Photo/Mkarimu Media

This is a free event made possible by donations from willing sponsors.

Mkarimu Media spoke to chef Ndambuki who was impressed by the huge turn up.

Also in the even were past KCO presidents Ben Ondoro and Lucas Mirela who thanked the organizing committee.

More photos

Chef Ndambuki conversing with guests Photo/Mkarimu Media

Volunteers preparing food Photo/Mkarimu Media

Kids Tug-Of-War Photo/Mkarimu Media

BBQ Moment Photo/Mkarimu Media

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