Girl 15 arrested for strangling baby to death

15-year-old student gives birth and strangles baby to death

Police in Bomet are holding a 15-year-old girl who gave birth and strangled the baby before throwing it into a pit latrine on Saturday night.

The student from a day secondary school in Bomet central is said to have delivered the baby outside a neighbour’s home around 9pm before disappearing.

Arouse by the cries of the baby, anxious neighbours went check and found the girl bleeding and writhing in pain.

One of the neighbours who sought anonymity said upon checking what was happening, the girl opened up and confirmed she had given birth and killed the baby.

“We immediately alerted the area chief and raised alarm prompting to the members of the public to respond to the call,” a neighbour who requested for anonymity said.

It took the residents and police more than three hours to retrieve the baby’s lifeless body from the latrine.

Bomet police subcounty commander Geoffrey Walumbe said the girl is admitted to Longisa referral hospital and they will prefer charges when she is discharged.

“For now she is still in the hospital and we cannot say much…we have our officers there and we will arraign her in court once we conclude our investigations,” she said.

The baby’s body was taken to the Longistaken Morgue.

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