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Garissa University attack:Three culprits sentenced

(L-R) Rashid Charles Mberesero, Sahal Diriy alias Sahali Diriye Hussein, Hassan Edin and Mohamed Abdi alias Mohamed Ali Abikar at a Milimani court on June 19 during a court session when the judgment was delivered/Courtesy

By Mkarimu Media

The three people found guilty of the Garissa University College terrorist attack in 2015 that left 148 people dead will serve 41 years in jail with one being sentenced to life imprisonment.

Rashid Charles Mberesero 25, a Tanzanian national was sentenced to life imprisonment with Hassan Edin 28, and Mohamed Abdi alias Mohamed Ali Abikar, 38 received 41-year terms in jail each.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi sentenced the three on three offences; conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack, committing the terrorist attack and being members of al Shabaab.

“In this case many lives were lost and members of the public left in a panic. Having considered their mitigation there is no person in the world who does not know the devastating effects of terror activities,” he said

The prosecution, led by Duncan Ondimu asked the court to sentence the men to 60 years in prison asserting that the three caused multiple gruesome deaths.

They said very dangerous weapons were used in accordance to testimony by two witnesses gave details on the type of weapon used during the attack and a bomb disposal expert.

“The bomb disposal expert gave details on the grenade used and other riffles, all that were dangerous weapons only used by law enforcers,” said the prosecution.

Ondimu said the injuries the victims sustained and the gruesome death some of the students had to face should guide the jail term.

He said the actions showed the attack that lead to the death of 148 was intricately planned by a group of terrorists and the psychological effects experienced by the victims.

“From their testimony, they went through a traumatic experience in their testimony. The second accused was on wheels and most will live with that all their lives,” he said.

Ondimu also urged the court to consider the vulnerability of the students who were unarmed and unable to fight back with persons with such weapons.

“They were placed on vulnerable positions where they face their gruesome deaths,” he said.

The prosecution also noted the effects the attack has on national security and wider public interest.

“Sixty years will serve ends of justice. Though it won’t bring back the lives that were lost, It will pass a message that such actions won’t go unpunished,” he said.

Source: Mkarimu Media and News Agencies

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