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Former Ruaraka OCS Nahashon Mutua sentenced to death

Former Ruaraka OCS Nahashon Mutua at a Milimani on Thursday,February 7, 2019. /COLLINS KWEYU
Former Ruaraka OCS Nahashon Mutua at a Milimani on Thursday,February 7, 2019. /COLLINS KWEYU

Former Ruaraka OCS Nahashon Mutua has been sentenced to death over the murder Martin Koome, during his tenure five years ago.

High court Judge Stella Mutuku on Thursday said the prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

According to the Prosecution, Mutua forced the deceased in a drum of water and asked to immerse his head in the water for about 30 minutes. The deceased was allegedly also hit several times with a rod and later locked up in the cell, even after sustaining serious injuries. Koome 36yrs, later died on December 20, 2013 while undergoing treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The judge said Martin Koome received inhumane treatment and there is no doubt that Mutua caused his death.

Koome said there is little anyone can say or do to cushion the bereaved family against the pain caused by the death of their family member.

“Only acceptance and time will heal their pain. It is an irrefutable fact that the death of Koome has deprived his family a bread winner, a husband and a father. This fact has changed their lives forever,” she said during the ruling.

Mutua has 14 days to appeal the ruling.

In a High Court ruling last year,  Mutua was found guilty of killing Koome, an inmate at Ruaraka police station.

He tried to frame Kevin Odhiambo, another inmate at the station, for it. Koome was a miraa trader at Baba Dogo shopping centre in Ruaraka, Nairobi.

He had returned home drunk after the day’s work and is said to have “normal” domestic squabbles with his wife.

The prosecution showed the trial court how Mutua went to great lengths to obstruct justice, even offering an Sh1 million bribe to investigators besides trying to frame Odhiambo.

The case is the first high profile conviction of an officer accused of extrajudicial killing.

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