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Former Kenyan politician’s son had “razor crusher” on his face before he was killed, the court said

Friends of a former Kenyan presidential candidate accused of killing his three-year-old son noted wound marks on the child’s body before his death, a hearing in Brisbane has been told.

Key points:

  • Sinclair Timberlake had “linear” cuts on the forehead and cheeks in 2012, family friend Christina Carol claimed
  • Carol told the court when she asked if the cuts she was told Sinclair “fell down the stairs” [19659007] The court also heard a statement from another friend who said that Sinclair had shed his back in 2012

Quincy Timberlake, 38, was accused of murder after his three-year-old son Sinclair died of serious internal damage at a home in Kallangur, north about Brisbane, in 2014.

At that time, Timberlake claimed that the child had fallen down the stairs.

On Monday, Brisbane Magistrates Court heard evidence from Christina Carol, a friend of Timberlake’s wife Esther Timberlake. [19659010] Carol said she met Timberlake in 2012 and noticed that her young son had traces on the forehead and cheeks.

“They were linear cuts, there were about three over the forehead and there were a couple on his cheeks,” she said.

“It looked like they had been there a few weeks and that they had healed.”

“For me it looked like he had been cut with a razor or knife.” [19659016] Defense Attorney Greg McGuire asked Carol if she had mentioned the damage to Timberlake at the time.

“Yes, and she said he fell down the stairs … but it was natural for me to look at it

On the same day, Carol said that Mrs Timberlake had talked to her about zombies invading the world and eating people.

“She didn’t speak so before she went to Singapore to see Quincy, but when she came back she said” a lot happens that we don’t see in the world – there are evil and zombies are real, “she said.

” She said Quincy told her that this is all right. ”

Even a statement by another friend, Gertrude Marutawana, read out in court.

Ms Marutawana said in her statement that in 2012 she noticed clear cuts on Sinclair’s back as she visited the Timberlake home.

“I immediately noticed a number of crossbands on the entire back, which went from his shoulders to his waist and which caused me concern,” she said.

“I don’t remember how many lines there were, but there was a number and they were quite distinct scars. ”

Although they lived in Kenya in 2010, Quincy Timberlake announced that he would run for president under a political party he formed, called PlaCenta

. He founded the party with his wife and founder of Kenya’s Finger of Gods Church, Joseph. Hellon.

Foreign media sources reported that Timberlake was arrested in Kenya for allegedly being a member of an illegal sect Timberlake claimed he was granted asylum in Australia to save his life after being arrested and tortured while detaining allegations later released.

The court was told that before becoming asylum in Australia, Timberlake was living in Dubai and Singapore.

The hearing continues.





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