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Father sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling his 16-year-old daughter

Kibera Law Court. /FILE

A Kibera court on Friday sentenced a 52-year-old man into life imprisonment for defiling his teenage daughter.

Senior Residence Magistrate Irenee Kitagwa convicted Francis Mutemi after she found him guilty of the offence.

Kitagwa ruled that the prosecution had proved that indeed the accused committed the offense on his 16-year-old girl.

“It is the responsibility of the father to protect the child in all manner and circumstances, however the accused person who is the father to the defiled child did not protect her and instead preyed on her sexually, therefore the court has found him guilty and sent him to life imprisonment, such people should be omitted within the society,” said the Magistrate.

The magistrate said that Doctor Shako Kizzie from Nairobi Women’s hospital had given sufficient evidence to prove the charges against Mutemi as he violated the child rights.

According to the witnesses, the accused repeatedly defiled the girl on various dates beginning December 20, 2016, and 2017.

Investigating officer Okalla Otieno, in his evidence said the child was impregnated by the father who later forced her to abort.

The court heard the first incident was reported to have taken place while the girl’s mother was away on a journey.

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