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Fake Gold scam: Businessman Paul Kobia arrested

Businessman Paul Kobia

Controversial businessman Paul Kobia was on Wednesday arrested in his Riverside home.

Kobia, alongside his 15 employees, were bundled in 10 Subarus that sped to DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road.

The DCI officers had camped at Kobia’s residence in Mzima Springs on Riversi access, it is said several boxes were taken by the officers.

All the businessman’s vehicles were all driven to the Kiambu Road DCI headquarters.

“It is unfortunate that we did not find what we were looking for,” a source said.

Asked what specific evidence they were looking for, the source maintained that all they know was that the evidence could have been shifted before their arrival.

Before he was taken for grilling, Kobia told journalists his arrest was political.

He said he is interested in vying for the presidency in 2022 and some people want to make sure he does not succeed.

“I am being harassed and arrested just because I want to be president in 2022. Just because I have seen corruption and I want to expose it they come to arrest me,” he said amid push and pull with the detectives.

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