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Fake female athlete exploited ‘weak’ system

Hillary Rotich aka Shieys Jepkosgei

Former training mate blames Athletics Kenya for loopholes and corruption

In Summary

• Rotich exploited loopholes in the federation to compete successfully as a woman.

• Some athletes penalized for doping change their names and compete locally or change citizenship.

The Eldoret male athlete who has been masquerading as a woman and competed in local and international competitions exploited weaknesses in Athletics Kenya, his former training mate has said.

Police arrested Hillary Rotich alias Shieys Jepkosgei who posed as a female nurse at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The athlete was charged last Monday for impersonation and sent to Eldoret Women’s prison because she had been identified as a woman.

However, officials at the prison were shocked to discover that the suspect was a man.

Rotich is remanded in Eldoret Prison awaiting further investigations.

His former training mate Abraham Chelang’a said Rotich exploited loopholes in the federation and managed to manipulate the system to compete successfully as a woman in local and international events.

Just like in doping cases, Chelang’a said some athletes who have been penalized change their names and compete locally or change citizenship.

“We have a big challenge in this country in the federation. Some athletes are using various loopholes in the system to manipulate it. We have seen various athletes changing their names and nationalities after they were caught doping but the federation remained silent on the issue,” Chelang’a said in Eldoret.

He warned that Rotich might not be the only one cheating the system.

“I’m sure Rotich is just one among many athletes who have changed their names to run as women but some will be caught soon. We want Athletics Kenya to come out clean on such cases and follow up on those athletes who have changed citizenship after they were banned for doping,” Chelang’a said.

“He is just like any athlete who uses cunning ways to get money across the world. There is no big difference between him and dopers who have tarnishing the good name of athletes in this country.”


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