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EXPOSED: EALA MP Adan Mohamed Noor Demand for Sex from Woman in Exchange for Employment

Adan Mohamed Noor

An East African Legislative Assembly member of parliament has been accused of sexually harassing a young woman in exchange for a job.

In a series of messages to the unidentified woman, the MP, Adan Mohamed Noor begs for ‘good time’.

According to sources, the woman on the other end of the conversation is trying to secure a job for her younger sister but in return she has to have sexual relations with Noor.

In one of the WhatsApp messages the woman discloses that her sister is old enough to be his granddaughter, but Noor insists that having carnal knowledge of her is the only way of getting her a job.

On November 3, 2018 he sends the woman sex videos but when she flatly rejects his advances, the MP says he will then be forced to sleep with his 7 month pregnant wife.

In an audio that has been doing rounds online, the MP asks to meet with the woman in an intimate location. She declines and instead asks to meet up in a public place.

Efforts by Mkarimu Media to independently reach the woman did not bear fruit.

Adan Mohamed Noor has also been accused of Land grabbing in Mandera. He served the Mandera central constituency for 20 years. He was first elected in 1983 and served from 1983 to 2002 as the Mandera Central MP.

During those twenty years, he and his cronies including Abdulqadir Chito, began selling Gharri land to the highest bidder between the Murale and Degodia.

While serving as an assistant Minister, Adan Mohamed Nooru signed documents and requested large portions of the Gharri land to be given for the Degodia people illegally.

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