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EXPERT COMMENT:’Huduma Namba’ an avenue for selfish individuals to squander taxpayers money

Kenyan government is full of bad skimmers who showcase their capabilities,creating vacuums of service delivery at the expenses of taxpayers and at the benefits of their own stomachs.

We lace discussions on the mask of HUDUMA NAMBA without peeling it to the bitter flesh.

It is rhetorical for the government to claim that when citizens and all persons staying under its jurisdiction to subscribe and register for HUDUMA NAMBA for the achievement of the government’s BIG 4 AGENDA.

A number of questions are still pending waiting for answers,
How will the government improve on its subsiduction of farm inputs to improve on food security through HUDUMA NAMBA yet it has consistently been enslaving farmers yearly ?

Through subscription to NHIF by citizens to ensure that every citizen affords quality services,has now become scandalous, billions being swindled left center and right at the expense of Kenyans’ lives.

How is HUDUMA NAMBA going to cleanse this skirmishes and ensure affordable universal health care, yet same technology being applied?

Its so irrelevant on how billions are being wasted with a key claim point being minimising the tire of Kenyans carrying many documents when seeking government and other services.

Few years back E-CITIZEN PORTAL was created which was to enable kenyans access government services and also help the government deliver with easiness to its citizens.

E-Citizen was also an avenue of documenting citizen information when integration of individuals data would have been done.

The question comes,how is HUDUMA NAMBA different from this ? Secondly why can’t the government digitalize registration of people from issuance of birth notifications to death certificates if there is a need of documenting individuals data?

Whether in combination of both the opposition and the ruling arm,let it be noted all the bitter projects being launched and being forcefully down the throat of innocent kenyans won’t be achieved through HUDUMA NAMBA as it won’t bring any difference to the lives of kenyans but is a new conduit of siphoning billions.

Augustine Nalianya (@SIMBA) a senatorial aspirant Trans Nzoia County spoke to Mkarimu Radio.

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