Money Transfer or Electronic Money transfer, means sending funds form one location mostly countries to another destination for a purpose mainly to relatives and family needs. It have evolved from the old banking traditions, Telex, and checks transfers that took days and even weeks before the recipient make use of the money. E-Transfer is used to electronically transferring funds funds from website, phone calls or Cellphone Apps.
There are many money transfer solutions and one such service is offered by EASYTX Inc. They send money transfers directly to your bank account and Mpesa account instantly. Registered with The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)
It was founded by Peris Kamotho and Robert Gichuru , Peris has more than 25 years’ experience working in banking and non-profit finance.Robert Gichuru has more than 27 years working in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Kenya and Canada. Ten of these years have been in the Non-profit sector in Canada. He has worked for global technology leaders such as SIEMENS, Hewlett Packard (HP), TOSHIBA, IBM and Microsoft. He is passionate about developing technology to improve lives.Currently they transfer to Kenya from Canada and Mexico. Plans are underway to reach to all East African countries. There are no fees to send transfers by Easytx EasyTX Delivers more Kenya shillings to Kenya than all the rest!

EasyTx website Here
How to Send E-Transfer

First you will need to have a bank account if your are in Canada. Am using CIBC account for this demonstration.

Step One
Log into your online banking account.

Step Two
Select interact e-transfer
Step Three
Add a new recipient :name = EasyTX, email = [email protected].
Step Four
Enter amount to send to Kenya
Step Five
Enter recipient name and phone number in the message box
Step Six
Make Payment to bills and services in Kenya.
6. For PayBill, enter in this format; PayBill:***422 Account:***496 in the message box
For Mexico and Latin America countries Please download EasyTx App from Google Play store