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EACC detectives fail to track Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and his wife

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

EACC detectives have visited the three residence of embattled Governor Ferdinand Waititu but failed to trace him.

Detectives privy to the search said they visited his residences in Runda, Garden Estate and near Ridgeways on Kiambu Road but failed to find him and his wife Susan Ndung’u.

But detectives said they managed to trace one of the governor’s mobile phones to his Runda residence but failed to find the couple.

The pair appeared to have abandoned the phones at home in a cat-and-mouse game with the detectives.

Detectives spent the better part of Friday night and Saturday hunting for the Governor and his wife with no success

The Governor and his wife have gone missing after DPP Noording Haji ordered for their arrest on Friday over Sh588 million illegal tenders.

The tender was for upgrading of various gravel roads to bituminous service.

The said tender was irregularly awarded to Testimony Enterprises Limited at a cost of Sh588 million.

Commission’s CEO Twalib Mbarak said after submitting investigation report to the Director of Public Prosecution, he gave consent to charge Waititu alongside 11 other suspects with conflict of interest, dealing with suspect property, abuse of office and willful failure to comply with the law relating to procurement.

Other charges include engaging in fraudulent practice in procurement, fraudulent acquisition of public property and money laundering.

According to Mbarak, after the arrest order was issued, they managed to arrest Charles Chege – director of the said Testimony Enterprises ltd, Joyce Ngina Musyoka and Simon Kabocho both members of the County Tender Evaluation Committee.

“Other suspects including governor Ferdinand Waititu, his wife Susan Wangari, eng Luka Mwangi and other county officials were not traced at their known residences at the time of the planned arrests,” Mbarak said in a statement.

He said EACC sleuths have launched a hot pursuit against the governor, his wife and five other suspects.

They include County Chief Officer of Roads Eng Luka Mwangi, Beth Wangechi, Director at the Testimony Enterprise, Zacharia Mbugua, Anselin Wanjiku and Samuel Mugo who both seat in the Tender Evaluation Committee.

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