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Drama in Kebera court as suspects arrive ‘too drunk’ to face charges

The suspects sprawled onthe ground outside the Kibera Law Courts on August 15, 2019. PHOTOS | NTV

By Mkarimu Media

There was drama outside the Kibera Law Courts on Thursday morning after six suspects scheduled to appear in court blacked out from an alleged alcohol intoxication.

Pictures and videos aired by NTV Kenya captured the suspects sprawled on the ground in a drunken stupor.

Some police officers could be seen trying to prop them to walk, but the suspects were unconscious to respond to any probing.

The suspects, whose pictures have gone viral, lay on the ground as two police officers struggled to pick them up one by one.

Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Bokhe was forced to defer the hearing of the charges, ordering them out of the courtroom as they could not stand or speak.

The seven were part of more than 200 people arrested in a swoop conducted by police in Huruma area.

It, however, baffled the officers how the suspects were highly intoxicated even after being in police custody for more than six hours after their arrest Wednesday night.

An operation is expected to be conducted, in the areas of Huruma suspected to be the origin of the illicit substance they consumed and which got them to this level of intoxication.

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