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Drake under fire for kissing and caressing underage girl onstage in video

An armistice of online anger is forming against Canadian rapper Drake after a video pops up showing him kissing and caressing a 17-year-old girl at a concert.

In the video Drake invites the girl on stage during a break during a concert.

After she has kissed her shoulder and embraced her from behind, Drake asks the girl how old she is.

Upon hearing her answer, Drake makes a joke about the situation to cheer for the audience, and says, “I can not go to jail yet.”

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“Why do you look like this?” Drake said in the video, which was first reported by the Daily Beast, a US-based publication. “Well, look, I’ve had fun”, continues the Toronto musician. “I do not know if I would feel guilty or not, but I had fun, I like the way your breasts feel against my chest, I just want to thank you.”

He then seems to kiss her more on the face and lips before she goes back to the audience.

Several media report that the video comes from 2010 when Drake was 23.

Drake has not responded to questions about the video or issued a public statement since it came to light on Saturday.

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