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DPP withdraws charges against eight NYS suspects for lack of evidence

Former NYS Director General Richard Ndubai (R) with other suspects in the case at the Milimani law court on June 5, 2018. /FILE

The DPP has withdrawn charges against eight accused persons in the NYS scandal for lack evidence.

The prosecution says four of the lot will be State witnesses in the case on the loss of Sh231 million from the agency.

Charges against Clara Mbau, Christopher Malala, Josephat Njoroge, Rodgers Nzioka, Lucas Otieno, Sammy Michuki, Simon Kiiru, and Stephen Muchai were withdrawn under Section 87A of the Criminal Procedure Code.

This means that if the police find further evidence, they might be charged afresh. The withdrawn charges are in respect of four of the case’ six files.

The DPP, in his opening statement ahead of the the trial, said that he will prove that colossal amounts were paid as pending bills yet they did not fit the description of a pending bill as they were slotted into the NYS stock of pending bills.

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