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DP Ruto knows full well no one would plot to assassinate him

DP William Ruto. 

Deputy President William Ruto knows no one will even contemplate killing him. Assassination of a politician of his calibre is dangerous to the country as a whole.

The consequences are dire and would be a bigger problem than when Ruto is alive. They would have killed RAO long time ago, but no one can dare.

Then what’s happening?

Simple, Ruto is creating a narrative. He is playing a dangerous political gamble for two reasons:

One, he is creating a narrative that will help rally his tribesmen and sympathisers around him. They will want to protect their man from unknown killers who are baying for his blood. The ordinary Kalenjin out there will take this narrative seriously and being a warrior blooded people, they will know a horn has been blown and war is coming.

This is again twofold in effect. It will seriously deal a blow to those Kalenjin MPs opposing him since the community will see them as traitors who are sleeping and dining with the enemy.

Secondly, it will incite the community against Gideon Moi.

Another reason why Ruto wants to create this dangerous narrative of his eminent assassination is to send a clear message to the Mt Kenya region and their people. It is a kind of blackmail. That come 2022, you either support me or risk dire consequences.

That they must pay the debt of him supporting Uhuru or 2007 will be nothing compared to what will happen. This tragic narrative will help create fear among the common Mt Kenya region people who will be scared of the consequences. Especially those living within Rift valley.

By so doing, Ruto will make Uhuru’s resistance in his own backyard stronger and hostile.

Another reason is that Ruto is extremely paranoid and suspicious of anyone and anything. So for him, 2022 is a life and death contest. He can burn this country to ashes if that will take for him to become the president.

But the fact remains that his assassination claims are deliberately manufactured false conspiracy for political expediency and that they have no any tangible or legal back up. Ends

The writer is from Marigat-Baringo South

Source: Star

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