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DP Ruto defends Uhuru in Mt. Kenya underdevelopment claims in a Tweet

DP William Ruto/FILE

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday in tweet defended President Uhuru Kenyatta from his critics claiming underdevelopment in Mt.Kenya region.

Ruto wrote for what he terms as facts on what the Jubilee administration had accomplished since they come into power.

He stated that since he and President Uhuru Kenyatta took office, the government had rolled out a comprehensive development agenda to transform Kenya in 2013.

“After projects promised for decades became a reality under Jubilee many Kenyans especially Jubilee members understandably are asking us for more.

This must be tempered with the reality of what we can afford. No region, community or Kenyan will be left behind now or in future,” wrote DP Ruto.

“Jubilee members must however use appropriate mechanism to channel matters concerning us and avoid unnecessary negative debate that only undermine the party, the party leadership and the President.”

A section of Kenyans online was however not impressed by his statement, many taking to faulting him over the parts the government had failed to deliver on.

“Also tell us what has been stolen since Jubilee took over. Tunataka tu Facts,” one user noted.

Another added, “His excellency we are worried, the High school, college and University education is becoming more expensive yet the graduates like us in Public Health from KMTC have no jobs.”

Others called him out on the employment opportunities he had promised during the campaign trail.

“Where are the one million jobs opportunities you promised? mmekula na mwenzako amekunywa mkashiba mkatuita washenzi?? Washenzi wanagutuka tu (you have stolen everything with your partner (President Kenyattta) and later called us fools. The fools are getting enlightened)”

Some referred to the numerous corruption scandals that had been witnessed in the country.

“Ooohhh and you forgot the stealing from NYS 1& 2, NHIF, KPLC, KPC, SGR, and the Euro bond. That’s quite an achievement sir,” one Kenyan conveyed.

The DP’s remarks come amidst reports of an impending division within the Jubilee Party over underdevelopment in Central Kenya and the resignation of Jubilee’s party vice chairman David Murathe.

On his resignation Murathe vowed to go to Supreme Court to block Ruto from vying for presidents. He wants Ruto to retire with Uhuru in 2022.

Mt.Kenya region underdevelopment claim

The outspoken Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria last week publicly criticized President Kenyatta saying he had neglected his home turf – Central region – and was only focused on other parts of the country as far as development was concerned.

His comments were echoed by his Bahati counterpart Kimani Ngunjiri who also accused the president of neglecting “his people,” adding that the Kikuyu community continues to suffer under the Jubilee administration.

Uhuru however while touring the Coast region on Monday, said his legacy was based on bringing countrywide development as opposed to his home turf alone.

Speaking in Mombasa, President Kenyatta condemned politicians accusing him of neglecting the Mt. Kenya region despite the area overwhelmingly voting for him in the last elections.

“I am not a person who is easily scared… Those going around playing petty politics I want to tell them this.

We will not launch development projects based on which region a leader comes from. We want all 45 million Kenyans to benefit, we want all corners of this country to grow,” said Kenyatta during the commissioning of the Mama Ngina waterfront regeneration project.

“We want a country where every single citizen is entitled to development regardless of where the leader comes from. Kwa hivyo hao washenzi waachane na mimi… (Let those stupid people leave me alone),” he said.

The President’s comments only served to worsen the issue, with MP Ngunjiri, on Tuesday afternoon, leading protests in Nakuru town over the ‘washenzi’ remark.

Ngunjiri was flanked by a smattering of youth wearing T-Shirts with the message; Mimi ni Mshenzi, Je wewe Mwanakenya? (I’m an Idiot, what about you).

The legislator was, however, forced to flee and go on the run after getting wind of his impending arrest by police in Nakuru town.