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Divers commence retrieval of ill-fated vehicle from Indian Ocean

A team of eight divers have commenced the process of retrieving the vehicle that plunged into the Indian Ocean with two occupants 11 days ago.

The multi-agency team led by the Kenya Navy says they are yet to confirm if the bodies of two occupants are still trapped in the vehicle, calling for patience as they conclude the 10-day operation.

On Wednesday, the multi-agency team searching for the missing woman and daughter who drowned at the Likoni ferry channel managed to locate their car that plunged into the Indian ocean 10 days ago.

Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna said the team located the object that matches 90% the description of the Toyota ISIS car that plunged into the Indian Ocean while aboard MV Harambee ferry early Wednesday afternoon.

In an underwater video obtained by KBC Channel 1, the body of one occupant could be seen floating inside the vehicle, with experts speculating that the second occupant could still be inside the vehicle.


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