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Dennis Itumbi arrested over link to fake assassination letter

 Dennis Itumbi 
By Mkarimu Media

Dennis Itumbi was on Wednesday arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

He was taken to DCI headquarters for questioning over an alleged assassination letter surrounding Deputy President William Ruto assassination claims.

On Sunday, the Daily Nation newspaper reported that detectives were zeroing in on two suspects linked to the alleged assassination letter involving Deputy President William Ruto.

The article identified the two suspects as DP Ruto’s aides but did not disclose their names.

However, in a scathing attack, Itumbi faulted the report and accused the newspaper of lowering journalistic standards.

“Journalism is at its lowest form, when Daily Nation pens a story and reproduces allegation after allegation – but does not bother to call or text any of the communication officers in the Presidency they claim are being sought by DCI Kenya and are in hiding. Objective verification,” he said on Twitter.

DCI officers investigating the letter by an unknown cabinet secretary have explored the theory that the alleged assassination plot could be a hoax.

The officers said they had traced the source of the letter and were about to summon those they suspect authored it.

“We are pretty confident that we are about to find those behind the letter. All we can tell you is that no cabinet secretary wrote the letter,” one of the officers said.

DCI detectives are working with Federal Bureau of Investigations to probe the allegations.

Itumbi is the secretary digital, innovations and diaspora communications at State House.

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