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Census exercise to be done in the last week of August

Kenya conducts a national census every ten years.

The last exercise was done in 2009, therefore, the next census is set to happen at the end of this month.

The activity will start on the night of 24 August and go no until 31 August.

According to the acting Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury Ukur Yatani, the census will be conducted electronically unlike in the past where it was done manually. As a result, the final outcome of the census will be announced within three months of the operation.

Speaking during a media briefing, the Cabinet Secretary assured Kenyans of their safety during the national exercise.

“The census officers will be accompanied by village elders or resident association leaders, known to the house holder members for purposes of comfort setting,” he said.

Government has established 129,123 enumeration areas which accommodate an average of 100 households each. The census will be conducted by 35,000 enumerators, 27,000 content supervisors, and 2,700 IT supervisors. Additionally, Resident Association leaders, Village elders, and security officers will be part of the exercise.

KSh18.5 billion will be spent on the national activity.

Some of the key details that will be captured during the census include: age, sex, religion, ethnicity, level of education, disability status, immigration status, and the number of children.

Most Kenyans revealed on social media that they lack information about the crucial exercise.

Ambassador Ukur Yatani said that the government will conduct intensive campaigns to sensitive Kenyans about the important national activity.

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