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Will Google Finally Disclose YouTube Revenue on Monday?

Analysts and investors have wanted Alphabet ( GOOGL – Get Report ) /Google to disclose more details about the size and performance of YouTube to get a better handle on its growth and overall impact on Google’s financials. Now at least a handful of analysts are predicting, or at least hoping, that Alphabet will finally…

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Message to Facebook and Google: Don’t mess with Apple

USA TODAY The idea seemed simple enough. An app to learn more about mobile users habits, what websites they visit, what they shop for on Amazon and the like. Except that the way Facebook went about fishing for users data, which blew up this week when it was revealed the social network did an end…

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The ‘splinternet’: How China and the US could divide the internet for the rest of the world

CNBC The future could see Chinese and American apps and services dominate half of the internet each, leading to a split internet, according to Kaifu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures. Commentators have dubbed this the “splinternet.” Lee also said that China could be ahead of the U.S. in artificial intelligence in five years. Two internets…

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Why Apple went to war with Facebook and Google this week

The Verge Apple has disabled Facebook and Google’s internal applications after privacy violations were revealed, leaving Google and Facebook employees at a standstill for key operations. In other Apple news, the tech giant’s revenue declined over the holiday quarter, and it’s reportedly testing new iPhones with three rear cameras and a USB-C port. This week…

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How to Do a Data ‘Cleanse’

New year, new you, right? You may be headed to the gym, but what about the health of your phone, computer and all your precious data? Here are some tips to get your digital life in order. By David Pogue If we need a checkup on our health, our finances or our cars, we can…

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Leaked video claims to show ‘Chinese Apple’ Xiaomi’s radical folding phone with THREE screens

The video claims to show a bendable screen that folds out into three big panels When users no longer want it to be a tablet, it folds into a standard-sized phone It’s unclear if it will launch, but it would compete with Samsung’s folding device Folding phones are shaping up to have a big year…

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