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The Kenyans who earn $100 a month picking Valentine’s Day flowers

Kenya is Africa’s largest flower exporter, but thousands of farm workers struggle to sustain their families. Several flower farm workers told Al Jazeera they earned little more than $100 a month [Still from video] Naivasha, Kenya – Joyce Iminza steps down from an old, white bus and boards a motorcycle taxi in Naivasha, a flower-rich town…

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Rare black leopard photographed for the first time in 100 years in Africa

By DAILY MAIL Spotted: a rare sighting of the black leopard in Laikipia./KWS Slinking through the darkness, these stunning images show an ultra-rare black leopard in action. The creature – which almost has a mythical status – was captured by British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas, 35, while it was prowling around the plains of Kenya…

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A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Children Reveals What Her Life Is Like

Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with one or 2 children with most young families feeling this way every now and then. What would you say about having 38 kids? No, this is not a joke. This 39-year-old from Uganda gave birth to 44 children. She lost 6, which makes 38 children under one roof. We at Bright Side think that this woman is incredible and wanted to share her…

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Why pregnant women should not do shift work – Study

Women who do shift work during their pregnancies are at greater risk of having an underweight baby, a new study suggests. Shift work that requires people to alternately work days and nights disrupts their body’s internal clock, which in turn throws off sleep schedules and metabolism. That’s crucially important for pregnant women, whose blood sugar…

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Why are so many people still dying from snake bites?

BBC Tens of thousands of people die from snake bites worldwide every year. Lack of treatment and even the wrong medicine mean many of these deaths are preventable. Snake bites may not strike you as being a major public health problem. But in some parts of the world they are a daily risk, and can…

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Meet Inayat Kassam a man who risks his life to save lives

Meet Inayat Kassam a man who risks his life to save lives-He rescued victims during the Westgate attack and here swings to action in 14Riverside Drive attack Inayat Kassam who previously responded to the Westgate terror attack back in 2013, helping evacuate victims has captured media attention. He was spotted at 14 riverside Drive on…

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