Canada Is One Of The Coldest Places In The World Right Now And Is Just As Cold As Antarctica

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When it comes to extreme winter weather, Canada is taking the top prize. Right now, Canada is one of the coldest places in the world . It’s so cold that one city is almost as cold as Antarctica today.

That one lucky city is Grand Prairie, Alberta, where without the windchill it is currently -37°C. This is only one degree warmer than the South Pole, where without the windchill it is currently only -38°C. Even once you factor in the windchills, Antarctica isn’t much worse than Canada. There it currently feels like -51°C while Grand Prairie feels like -42°C.

This unfortunate honour of being the coldest place on earth comes amid extreme cold warnings for Alberta.

Environment Canada has issued warnings for almost the entire province and warns that wind chills could bring the temperature down to -40°C to -50°C.

According to the warning for Grand Prairie , the freezing temperatures are expected to last all weekend and maybe even into Wednesday of next week.

They also warn that cold can cause severe health problems. They caution people in Alberta to watch out for symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain, numbness, and change in colour or your skin.

While Alberta is under these extreme weather warnings today, Grand Prairie isn’t the only Canadian city on the world’s coldest places list . Of the top 15 coldest places, 13 of them are in Canada.

One of them is, of course, Grand Prairie, but the others include Dawson Creek Airport, BC, Peace River, Alberta, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and several places in Nunavut, among others.

Via Environment Canada

Extreme cold warnings are also in place in other parts of Canada, even though they didn’t make the world’s coldest places list.

These include multiple parts of British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and some places in Labrador and Quebec.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica, the forecast today has temperatures feeling like -48°C all day long. It is also going to be sunny for the afternoon with winds at 18 KM/hour.


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