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Canada and US:A Blast of Snow and Bitter Cold Across the US

Patti White walked her dog Elwood around the Gateway Arch in St. Louis on Sunday. Blowing snow snarled travel across Kansas and Missouri as a winter storm made its way eastward. Colter Peterson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Associated Press


A punishing winter that has already produced record snowfalls and crippling temperatures in many areas sent another wave of severe weather blasting across Canada and US over the weekend

Fresh snow buried cars and snarled travel from Denver to St. Louis in the US and behind the snow came a mass of air so frigid that the National Weather Service declared a wide area of the north central United States to be entering another deep freeze .

The intense cold was expected to spread into the Mid-Atlantic States and the Northeast through Monday, and to stretch into parts of the Deep South by midweek.

Ryan Maue, a meteorologist with, said much of the country should prepare for an “all-week cold snap.”

On Sunday, the Weather Service also warned that it was expecting severe thunderstorms across the Southeast, with potentially damaging winds, strong tornadoes and flash flooding.

“I hate this,” said Abie Olivas, 78, a retired Navy barber in Denver, who spent Sunday morning shoveling his neighbor’s walkway for the fourth or fifth time this season.

“I’m ready for spring, let’s put it that way,” he said as snow fell on his silver pompadour and leather jacket. “I’m ready to go fishing.”

Mr. Maue said the frigid air had come mostly from Western Canada, where pools of Arctic air had been stuck for weeks. The cold air mass made its way down the West Coast and then eastward over the spine of the Rocky Mountains to the nation’s midsection.

Mr. Maue said he understood that many people were experiencing “spring fever angst,” but that they should remember, “it’s still winter.”

The March mess follows a February full of record-breaking cold and snow in Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and other states and parts of Canada. Rapid City, S.D., recorded subzero temperatures on 20 of the month’s 28 days.

The Twin Cities in Minnesota received 39 inches of snow , beating a normal February by more than two feet. As much as 26 feet fell in parts of the Sierra Nevada in California, and people there started calling the month “Februburied.”

Patti Tritschler, 57, was among the air passengers arriving back in Chicago from warmer climes on Sunday, only to find the temperature dropping again.

“Honestly, we haven’t recovered since the polar vortex,” Ms. Tritschler said. “It’s just gone on and on and on.”

Faced with having to slog through still more of an already exhausting winter, some tried to wring a wry smile from the weather on social media.

“Yay, more snow! Said no one EVER!” the Missouri State Highway Patrol
posted on Twitter.

In Wyoming, Minn., where it takes a lot of snow to faze people, the Police Department shared a wanted poster for Mother Nature, faulting her “for a season of general nastiness.”

The Nebraska State Patrol tried to take it as a test of character. “It’s snowing … Good,” the department wrote on Twitter. “Another chance to get stronger scooping it. Bitter cold? Good. It will make us tougher.”

And in Dodge City, Kan., where heavy snow and subzero wind chill were forecast, the local National Weather Service office started an informal.