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Mbaitu Association – Fastest growing community group in Canadian Diaspora

Members of Mbaitu Association in a past meeting.PHOTO/MKARIMU MEDIA

By Mkarimu Media

Many reasons why one would like to join Mbaitu Association; warmest welcoming attitude derived from the kenyan roots, group demonstratesgreat aptitude and a gesture of inclussion caltivated by the groups humble leadership focusing on issues affecting its members

Registered for a good course, founded under a humanitarian social needs, Mbaitu Association is the fastest community association in Canadian Diaspora.

The group was created in 2012 and focusses on well being of members on social aspects, bereavement, hospitalization, sharing family joy when a newborn arrives.

As guests poured and took their respective responsibilities, it was clear that this group is unique and have set its core values in setting a new record.

Men took responsibility at the back yard, women took their position, organising food brought by visitors; and doing what they do best at their kitchen environs.

Youths and kids were indeed set to mingle and all seemed to enjoy the ambience.

The senior youth were in charge of kids games at a nearby playing ground.

The event was hosted by Samson Musau in the city of Hamilton, about 60 km east of Toronto, Canada.

The event was well planned as BBQ meat was Marinated a day before and here comes the best marinated Beef ever. Other foods included Madasi, chapati, Mukimo, Ugali,rice, salad, fruit and assorted drinks.

Why join Mbaitu

Reasons to join Mbaitu Association align with its core values and mission; social aspects that families can not distance themselves with, bereavement, visiting and supporting individuals with medial issues and also welcoming a news soul.
Members of Mbaitu Association deliberating.PHOTO/MKARIMU MEDIA
Summer meetings are held during the months of June -September and annual General meeting is held any time between the months of November and December.

During business hour, Mbaitu Association leadership exhibited utmost down to earth humility and as they attentively listened to each of its members opinions and considered each one with sincere heart.

Perhaps this was the pinnacle of Mbaitu qualities that other community groups can adapt, a tradition derived from the Akamba people where each one is variable respected.

Mbaitu have vastly diversified its membership spreading from Eastern to the Western; Luo, kisii,Nandi,kikuyu, kamba, Embu and Meru cimmunities.

Organization of the Association

The Organization structure of the group consists of Chairman ( Ricky Kilonzo ), vice chair, treasurer(Mathew Muli, secretary and two board members (Juliana Muema – Womens leader and Spokes person ).

The organization is focusing on filling membership to its capacity .

Group Chairman Ricky Kilonzo points out that organizing events to and getting everyone board being a big issue in the past. He says the group members worked well on how to solve the problem.

How to join Mbaitu Association

Joining Mbaitu Association one is required to pay a registration fee(Membership fee) of $200.

An advance deposit for emergency of $300 that stays in the bank and annual subscription amenity fee of $25.

Any time there is an occurrence like death, sickness, emergency need of hospitalization in the group each member contributes $100.

Currently membership subscription is still open. Interested individuals can send emails to [email protected]

Speaking at the event, Mbaitu women leader and group spokesperson Juliana Muema encourage those who raced the event by emphasizing the need to come together during summer events where children can share and play Kenyan games, adults can wean their winter hibernation while meeting news friend.

Mbauti Association Treasure Mathew Muli was also impressed how the event unfolded.

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