Aukot:Politicians threatening MCAs over Punguza Mzigo bill

Dr. Ekuro Aukot

By Mkarimu Media

Third Way Alliance party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot is claiming that some politicians who are against the bill are now threatening Members of County Assemblies supporting the bill.

While speaking after presenting the bill at Laikipia County Assembly the former presidential candidate dismissed remarks by Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru that his Punguza Mzigo Bill was rejected by Nyeri County Assembly.

The Punguza Mzigo bill chief campaigner said there is no way a bill can be rejected in an informal gathering without going through the normal bill procedures.

He lashed back at Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, for blatantly lying through her teeth over his Punguza Mzigo campaign.

The governor had posted that Nyeri County Assembly MCAs had turned down the bill setting precedent for their colleagues from other counties to follow suit.

Waiguru argued that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was a better alternative.

Her thoughts didn’t go down well with Aukot who urged politicians to avoid making claims that they cannot substantiate.

In a quick rejoinder Nyeri County Assembly Speaker John Kagucia noted that the Bill had not been discussed adding that once it is tabled for debate MCAs will be at liberty to express their views freely.

Kagucia said it is unfortunate that MCAs are being intimidated and warned against supporting the bill saying MCAs from Siaya County have been threatened over the same.

Dr. Aukot presented the bill to the Laikipia County MCAs who have promised to subject it to public participation so that Laikipia residents can give their views.

Deputy Speaker Daniel Nyeusi and nominated MCA Catherine Nyawira said that it will be an opportunity for the common mwananchi to participate in the bill by giving his views before the assembly votes to either pass or reject it.

MPs’ secret card to stop Punguza Mzigo Bill

Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo Bill spells out a plan to reduce various positions in government which many politicians are afraid.

The Bill seeks to, among other things, ensure 35 per cent of national revenue from the Treasury goes to counties as well as slash the number of MPs from 416 to 147. It also seeks to strengthen the Senate and devolution and a seven-year one presidential term.

Many believe the Bill will address exclusion and high cost of living.

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