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About M4D’s Latest Single: “Father Love”

We’re delighted to introduce Danish artist M4D’s poignant new single, “Father Love,” a heartfelt blend of contemporary pop and soft rock that speaks volumes about the unconditional love a parent holds for their children.

“Father Love”:
This touching song delves into M4D’s personal journey of facing parental alienation from his two sons. It’s a powerful message of enduring love and hope, not only for his children but also for others navigating similar challenges. Through “Father Love,” M4D reaches out with a message that resonates deeply, reassuring both his sons and others in similar situations that love endures.

M4D (Morten Dybdal):
M4D’s multifaceted background in music, business, and IT has shaped his unique artistic profile. From his early days playing music to producing and writing songs as a teenager, M4D’s musical journey culminated in his first signing in 2004.

In 2021, M4D faced the heart-wrenching experience of parental alienation from his oldest son. Adding to this emotional journey, in 2023, his youngest son was moved to a distant island, further straining their father-son bond.

M4D MUSIC Label:
In response to these challenges, M4D MUSIC was born—a platform created to express M4D’s love for his children through music. “Father Love” serves as the first single from M4D’s upcoming album in 2024, capturing the emotions that many parents feel when faced with the pain of being estranged from their children.

Upcoming Releases:
In addition to M4D’s solo work, the M4D MUSIC label is set to release music from British/American singer JAKILIN and German Pop/Rap group Kain. Both acts are produced by M4D, promising a diverse and exciting musical lineup.

Download the Release Package:
For media professionals and fans alike, a comprehensive release package for “Father Love” is available for download from Radio Glas Zapadne Srbije. The package includes press materials, photos, a radio presentation, and the music itself in both WAV and MP3 formats.

Join M4D on this heartfelt musical journey and experience the emotional depth of “Father Love” and the upcoming releases from M4D MUSIC.

About Jahiki

About Jahiki’s Debut Release

We’re excited to present “FRESH,” Jahiki’s debut single under Ultra Beam Records.

Embrace the upbeat vibes of this feel-good party anthem that’s bound to get you moving. Jahiki’s infectious energy and talent shine through, making “FRESH” a track that promises to resonate with listeners worldwide.

Collaboration with Paul Christie:
Jahiki’s collaboration with Paul Christie came about through a serendipitous connection. Introduced by a mutual friend, Paul Christie provided the beat for “FRESH,” and Jahiki’s vocal prowess took it to the next level. Together, they’ve crafted a track that’s both fresh and memorable.

Available Everywhere:
You can now stream or download “FRESH” on all major digital platforms. Don’t miss out on this exciting debut from Jahiki, a rising star under Ultra Beam Records.

Experience the energy and excitement of “FRESH” by Jahiki and join the party. Add it to your playlist today!

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About M4D

We’re thrilled to introduce M4D’s latest single, “”.

“Mirror Dance”:
Dive into this vibrant R&B track that captures the essence of bouncing back from tough times. It’s a celebratory anthem about the exhilarating moment when challenges transform into newfound joy and serenity. A victory dance in musical form, “Mirror Dance” embodies the feeling of triumph over adversity.

Musical Inspirations and Recording: The song features the soulful sound of a Spanish guitar, recorded in Copenhagen on a meticulously crafted Alhambra guitar. This choice pays homage to Argentinian culture, specifically the Tandil region, where M4D’s father spent his childhood. Alongside these South American influences, M4D draws inspiration from musical legends like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Pharrell Williams.

About M4D (Morten Dybdal): Previously known for his singles “Ukraine (We Never Stop Believing)” released in October 2023 and “Father Love” in 2024, M4D, or Morten Dybdal, has garnered international recognition. His tracks have resonated with listeners worldwide, earning him a spot among Denmark’s most-played artists on international airplay charts like Viberate.

Recording Process: What sets M4D’s music apart is its authentic, live feel. Every note and beat is recorded by M4D himself in his studio located in the southern part of Copenhagen, ensuring a personal touch and genuine connection with his audience.

Previous Releases:

  • 2023: “Ukraine (We Never Stop Believing)”
    M4D’s debut single that captured hearts globally with its inspiring message.

  • 2024: “Father Love”
    A soulful track that received extensive airplay, further cementing M4D’s place in the music scene.

Stay tuned for more captivating music from M4D as he continues to blend cultural influences, personal experiences, and musical inspirations into his unique sound. Follow M4D’s musical journey and experience the magic of “Mirror Dance” and his previous hits on your favorite streaming platforms.