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Anti-Ruto want Weston Hotel demolished after Taj mall

The entrance of Weston hotel. Photo/courtesy

The dramatic demolition of Air Gate Mall, formerly Taj Mall, has triggered fresh push for dismantling of Deputy President William Ruto’s Weston Hotel.

The high-end city hotel belonging to Deputy President is alleged to be sitting on a grabbed public land.

The move comes a day after the demolition of Air Gate Mall, commonly called Taj Mall, came down days after notice for its demolition expired.

The building was allegedly sitting on road reserve, hindering expansion of the Outering Road.

The owner of Taj mall Ramesh Gorasia asked DCI to go after those who approved construction of the mall claiming he had all legal documents for approval.

Demolition of the multi-million mall kicked off on the mid-morning of Saturday, September 15, weeks after expiry of a public notice to vacate the premises.

Netizens believe that Ruto’s Weston Hotel was erected on a stolen public land and therefore wanted to see it demolished just like others.

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