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An exciting wedding send-off for Kenyan couple in Toronto

Ken Mwaniki and Joy Mukami.PHOTO/MKARIMU

Joy Mukami and Ken Mwaniki held their pre-wedding ceremony at a Toronto church to prepare for the most desirable event.

The couple who work and live in Toronto have their wedding slated to be held in Kenya.

The Master of Ceremony (MC), Mr. Samwel Kwendo administered this enthralling masterpiece.

It was a fun at the stage as the MC engaged the pair with Q&A lesson.

Speaking at the event the disciple of God, Mr Edward Njoroge encouraged the couple to seek the kingdom of God first in their marriage as its the necessary foundation for a thriving family. In his message, Mr Njoroge quoted Daniel 11.32 “but the people who know their God will be strong and do exploits” We all need to know God more then God transforms all areas of our lives.

He also encouraged the duo to embrace each other by building a cohesive trust between them.

The Kenyan Global Church (KGC) choir took to the center stage with praise and worship interlude.

KGC registers the highest followers in the Kenyan community in Toronto.

Unaware of what followed, the MC requested the couple to come in front and seat facing opposite direction and directed the pair exchanged one shoe.

The couple sat facing in opposite direction

Fun time.

The MC gave the couples game instructions.

There are series of questions and one they are posted, each one should raise the appropriate shoe signifying the habitual match the persona. Example, if the bride thinks she is the one fits the question, she will raise her own shoe and if the answer suits the bridegroom she raises the shoe belonging to her future husband.


The questions raged from the laziest individual to get up from bed, who complained most, who takes control of TV remote, who’s feet smell most, who studies hard in college, who scored most in college, who is most beautiful, who proposed first, who will pay the bills and so forth.

At the end of the excercise, Samwel Kwendo summarised the purpose of the game as a way for the couple to demontrate to the audience how deep the couple understands each other, how much they have learned each other’s characteristics and what each one should expect.

The two will have their wedding slated to be held in Kenya.

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