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All terrorists at Dusit D2 Hotel at Riverside Drive attack killed, 14 confirmed dead-Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta. /FILE

By Gad Oteba


In a televised address on Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that all terrorists in 14 Riverside and Dusit D2 Hotel attack had been neutralized.

He added that 14 people had been killed in the terror attack, an operation that ended at about 9.30am.

Reuters news agency put the death toll at 15.

“…the security operation at Dusit is over and all the terrorists have been eliminated. As of this moment, we have confirm that 14 innocent lives were lost with others injured,” the president said.

Uhuru said Kenya is grieving, adding that his heart goes out to innocent women and men violated by the senseless violence.

“We wish the injured quick recovery. We are a country governed by laws and rules and regulations. We believe in these principles even in the face of adversity,” he said.

He said that Kenya will seek out every person involved in the funding, planning and execution of the heinous attack, adding that they will pursue them relentlessly.

“Multiple security efforts are underway to disrupt and defeat and terrorist attack. We are on high alert and shall remain so,” he said.

He assured Kenyan visitors that everything is safe.

Injured police officer rushed to hospital/COURTESY

Gory photos shared on social media showed at least two of the attackers captured on CCTV camera dead.

There were also bullet holes on the walls of the room where the terrorists were gunned down. The graphic photos show the gunned persons wearing clothes and bullet jackets resembling those captured on the CCTV footage.

A police boss earlier told the media that all attackers at the 14 Riverside drive had been killed.

According to the official, there were five gunmen killed by Recce Squad and the suicide bomber who blew himself up during the Tuesday blast.