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21 die of hunger in Baringo

A resident of Kamusuk village sobs near the graveside of two family members who died of starvation. /COURTESY

The death toll in Baringo County has risen to 21 after a man’s body was discovered at a house in Barketiew village, Baringo North Sub-county.

75-year-old Chepkwony Borjiroot is the latest victim to die of hunger.

Neighbours said he had complained of starvation and stomach pain before he died.

“We woke up yesterday (Sunday) morning only to find his lifeless body…he had been complaining of starvation and stomach pain the previous day,” Joseph Toroitich said.

He added that the old man, who lived alone, had been ailing for some time.

His condition reportedly worsened in the last two weeks and he was unable to trek for over 15 kilometres to get to the nearest water source, where supply was also limited.

Despite the worsening conditions, the government has maintained that the situation is not ‘as bad’ and there have been no deaths caused by hunger.

However, over 800 Ilchamus are reportedly facing starvation and school children displaced.

Most of them have been forced to move back to Mukutani in Baringo South Sub-county.

Reports indicate that the number of deaths in the county and other neighbouring areas may rise owing to drought.


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