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Month: March 2019

UN Calls For Stronger Disaster Preventive Measures For Cities

By KNA The  United Nations (UN) is calling for a shift of focus from responsive to preventive measures in disaster risk reduction for Cities. The UN Secretary-General Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, Ms. Momi Muzitori made the call and underscored the role that disaster resilience plays in achieving sustainable development for Cities. Muzitori  who…

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Boinnet appointed to Tourism ministry as Uhuru nominates new I.G

President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated Hillary Mutyambai as the new Inspector General of Police replacing Joseph Boinnet. Mr. Mutyambai, who is set to be vetted by Parliament, is currently the Assistant Director at the Counter Terrorism Center. In an Executive Order dated March 13, 2019, Boinnet – whose four year tenure as I.G came to…

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Alleged New York mob boss shot and killed on Staten Island

NEW YORK  A man said by federal prosecutors to have been a top leader of New York’s notorious Gambino crime family was shot and killed Wednesday on Staten Island. Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali, 53, was found with multiple gunshot wounds to his body at his home in the borough’s Todt Hill section just after 9…

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Black boxes: Crucial to air crash probes

IN SUMMARY A top priority for air crash investigators is to locate and analyse a plane’s two black boxes which hold vital clues to what caused it to go down, including cockpit conversations. Introduced in the late 1950s, black boxes help explain nearly 90 percent of all crashes, according to aviation experts. In January 2004,…

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Trump plans deep cuts in US aid budget for Kenya

The cuts are part of an overall rollback in US funding for many Africa-focused programmes. President Donald Trump’s latest proposed budget calls for deep cuts in aid to Kenya as part of an overall rollback in US funding for many Africa-focused programmes. Support for development initiatives in Kenya would fall from the $102 million provided…

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China to legislate on personal information protection, AI: spokesperson

Source: Xinhua BEIJING, China plans to make a personal information protection law, in a bid to fight against improper collection, abuse and leak of citizen’s personal information, a spokesperson for the annual session of the country’s top legislature said Monday. Zhang Yesui, spokesperson for the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), said…

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