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2019 Safari Classic Rally to go on despite bad weather

By Mkarimu Media

The 2019 Safari Classic Rally will go on as planned despite heavy rainfall that is being witnessed across the country.

The East African Safari Classic Rally General manager Pipi Renu said he is confident of the team’s final preparations which include training marshals to man the route and control the crowds despite the weatherman saying that the rains are expected to continue pounding.

“At the end of September, we took our team of route openers as well as stage commanders to familiarize them with the stages, which will run in Kenya. Both route openers inspected the stages, and we were now able to get more details and amendments to stage notes,” said Renu.

He added: “I don’t think in the history of classic rally, has there been such an amount of attention put in ensuring the road book is defined and checked. The recce was carried out during extreme rain, and I am relieved to know the stages are all passable.”

The World famous Classic Event will be run over nine days of intense rallying from November 27 to December 6 followed by a rest day.

The mechanics will get a chance to rebuild the cars, within a set time of six hours in the rally that was first held in 2003.

This year’s edition is split equally in both countries, with four days each in Kenya and Tanzania, respectively. Tanga will host the rest day.

This year the rally will be traversing areas around Voi, Arusha and Tanga. Several new stages not used before in any of the past editions have been added, which is always exciting.

Each day, the rally consists of three competitive stages, and transport or liaison sections.
On any given day of the rally, crews will be expected to cover between 390 – 500km (combined distance of stage and transport).

The security team of the rally has also spent time on the stages, identifying critical areas that will need control with 155 marshals in Kenya.

Source:News Agencies

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