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700 bodies of alleged “harvested children” found in Malaysia

The theory pointing out for the truth or existence of an organ harvesting has live on, amid the discovery of alleged hundreds of children bodies in Malaysia.

Early reports, suggested that the bodies found in Malaysia were victims of organ harvesting, but cited news outlet has rebuked their stories.

Continuing and following the open source investigation as it moves forward, evidence is beginning to mount in support of George Webb’s organ harvesting hypothesis.

Webb’s Day 122 has highlighted the discovery of the bodies of 700 children in Malaysia in late 2016.

Local Authorities believed that the children were victims of an ‘organ farm’.

In support of this theories, according to cut marks were evident on the children’s bodies.

Photo via SAYS Malaysia

“Some of them are tied. Some are even packed into card board boxes. The pictures suggest that the crime has been carried out by a large gang,” the site continue.

“The children must have been kidnapped first. Then, their organs were harvested. These stolen organs must have been sold in the black market,” it added.

Talking more on origins of organ trafficking, open source investigator George Webb has linked the organ harvesting activities to regions where the US government contractor DynCorp has been operating.

Moreover, these countries include Haiti, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan among others. DynCorp’s involvement in human trafficking in the Balkans has been well documented and the origins of organ harvesting also have roots in the region.

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