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Governors, MCAs Protest The Withdrawal Of Governor Lonyangapuo’s Security Detail

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo. IMAGE/ COURTESY

The Council of Governors (CoG) and West Pokot MCAs are up in arms against the police department demanding immediate restoration of West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo’s security detail.

In a statement, CoG said there has been no communication as to why the officers were removed.

“The Council of Governors strongly condemns the recent withdrawal of security detail attached to Prof. John Lonyagapuo. We note that the Governors body guards have been withdrawn from his official residence without notice. To this moment, no explanation of the same has been communicated,” reads the CoG’s statement.

“The withdrawal of the Governor’s security personnel demonstrates a clear conflict between discharge of public duties and fulfillment of personal interests, whether directly or indirectly. The Inspector-General must take action in this matter, and seek to formally communicate to the Governor and immediately replace the officers. The actions witnessed must not be repeated ever again.”

West Pokot MCAs on the other hand cancelled a trip they had planned to Mombasa, protesting the withdrawal of Governor Lonyang’apuo’s security detail.

Speaker Catherine Mukenyang accused police officers of extorting money from innocent road users under the guise of enforcing Michuki rules.

“We respect the Michuki rules. But they must not be used to oppress our residents,” Mukenyang said.
The MCAs had camped in a Mombasa hotel where they were discussing the county’s strategic plan and county assembly standing orders.

“Governor Lonyangapuo is a Kenyan and a leader like any other Kenyan leader and must be accorded security. If we leaders are being harassed by the state for doing our work, what will the residents go through?” the Speaker said.

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Police Officers attached to the governor were withdrawn last week on Friday following a incident where he removed a police road-block and freed a boda boda rider. Officers guarding his home were also been withdrawn.

On Wednesday, the county boss stormed a road block on the Kitale-Lodwar highway. According to him, officers use them to harass motorists.

“We shall not allow police officers to erect illegal roadblocks to harass our people,” Lonyangapuo said.
In the incidence, Lonyangapuo tossed aside the metal spikes that were placed at the road-block and ordered the police to leave the road block.

The governor said the re-enforcement of the Michuki Rules is not reason enough for the officers to frustrate road users.

West Pokot County Police Commandant Mathews Kuto confirmed that security teams deployed at the governor’s home and office had been withdrawn.

Kuto said police officers are investigating the November 28 incident to ascertain what exactly happened at the road-block.

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