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Magoha to Authorities:Shut down pornographic sites

By Star

KNEC chairman Prof George Magoha during a past event. /FILE

The Kenya National Examinations Council boss George Magoha has called on relevant authorities in the country to shut down all pornographic sites from the internet.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Nairobi School, Magoha said the pregnancy crisis witnessed in the country is due to the fact that some of the young girls access some of these sites.

Magoha, Education CS Amina Mohamed, and other officials witnessed the official ending of the KCSE exams.

“The shame that we are getting pregnant girls all over the place implies there is absolute moral decadence among parents and it is a high time we produce children that we have time for,” he said.

The Knec boss termed the call by politicians to encourage people to give birth because of voting as unfortunate.

“I dont hear our leaders talking about family planning. In fact some of them encourage people to have more children for voting purposes. They should be ashamed of themselves.

He said it is high time to introduce reproductive health lessons in schools to help curb the menace.

“It is now outdated to say that teaching family health in school should be delayed. I think we, including myself, have been very stupid. We should start using the normal channels to teach these young people about their bodies.”

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