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KDF recruit collapses, dies in Malindi

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Nzioka the senior recruiting officer in charge of Malindi addressing recruits at Alaskan grounds on November 27./ALPHONCE GARI

A Kenya Defence Forces recruit died in Malindi during the ongoing countrywide recruitment.

The aspirant was running with other recruits when he collapsed.

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Nzioka, the senior recruiting officer, said KDF doctors tried their best to offer first aid to the young man and rushed him to Malindi Tawfiq Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“We started the exercise at 8am, unfortunately, we had one incident, one potential recruit was not able to do exercise and passed on,’’ Nzioka told journalists.

He said the turn out was the biggest with more than 400 youths.

Nzioka urged youths aspiring to join the military to do proper medical checkups in future to avoid such incidents.

“I would like to tell Malindi people, especially those who didn’t get a chance, to try again in future,” he said.


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