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MPs now want Nairobi Dam destroyed to save Seefar Apartment

Seefar Apartments

A section of MPs now want the dam near Seefar Apartments at Highrise Estate along Mbagathi Way destroyed in a bid to save the residential buildings saying it has been abandoned and no longer useful.

Speaking during a hearing session with the Parliamentary Committee on Environment, the legislators, led by Kipkellion West MP Hillary Kosgey and his Mathioya counterpart Peter Kihara said that the dam, which is now a sewer will affect many households health wise and not just those residing at Seefar Apartments.

This comes after the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) in conjunction with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) issued a 30-day demolition notice saying the property was on the riparian land of both Nairobi Dam and Ngong River.

On his part, Environment Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Mohammed Elmi maintained that the dam, as it stands now is a health hazard and dangerous.

NEMA insists that the owners and residents of the 288-unit property should vacate arguing that if the rains come, the dam will burst and lives will be lost.
“Our position on this issue in 2011 and today has not changed. If the developer had complied with conditions, we would not be here,” said NEMA Director General Geoffrey Wahungu.

On their part, WARMA accused Edermann Property, the developer, of interfering with the embankment during the construction of the apartment.

“The truth is the people there are in danger, we do not want a case of Solai in Langata… the dam is even higher than the Seefar apartments,” said WARMA.
The survey that was done by WARMA concluded that the houses were built on riparian land.

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The residents have however rubbished the claims stating that NEMA has not conducted any investigations concerning the houses.

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