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WhatsApp to introduce ‘vacation mode’ to help you relax on holiday

Holidays are meant for simply relaxing. WhatsApp Messenger, a freeware and cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook understands that perfectly. No disturbance when the Vacay mode is on!

The instant messaging service are introducing a brand-new feature to save all you soul from a boring WhatsApp conversation while you’re on holiday.

According to reports, Vacation Mode will enable users to completely mute their group notifications, meaning that pop-ups won’t appear on an individual’s phone in either the lock screen *or* the app itself.

This means that all messages are archived and can be perused when the individual returns home.

Word on the street has it WhatsApp has also added another surprise feature- Linked Accounts.

This would let you link your accounts with third-party services, although the exact reason for this isn’t obvious. The current theory is that it would help you recover your Facebook or Instagram account using the WhatsApp app in the future.

There’s also a possibility you would be able to share Status/Story updates between the three apps.

WhatsApp has made a number of key changes to its app recently.

For instance, late last year we got the ability to delete WhatsApp messages, unsending them from recipients before they get a chance to read the text.

And earlier this year, WhatsApp began blocking you from sending some texts to limit spam and hoax mail-chains.

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